Cool bong that glows in the dark!

? 14-inch beaker bong

? Made of glass

? Glows in the dark

? Cool design of side glass sphere

? 14mm female joint

? Available in two colors


Cue the mystic vibes with the Wide Neck Dappled Tube Beaker Bong. This 14-inch glow in the dark bong is an excellent addition to any collection! The glass sphere you see on the side will mesmerize you like it’s an actual crystal ball. There’s a lot going on with this crazy glass bong but it hits so smooth you’ll be reaching for it all the time. With a wide chamber and mouthpiece, you can feel the quality in every water bong rip you take. Not to mention this is an impressive design so when it’s not being used you can transform it into a fancy centerpiece. Eating a nice dinner with your close friends and taking turns smoking out of the table decor sounds like a dream come true.


Brand – EF420

Material – Glass

Length – 14”

Width – 8”

Joint – 14mm female

Style – Bong

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